Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Premiere

Tonight, I'll be live-blogging the premiere!

Nice cameos of the Avengers!

A hero is a guy running into (or climbing up) a burning building when everyone else is running out...

Special guest star Colbie Smulders

No wonder this guy gets recruited by Level 7

"We stand between the world and a much weirder world"

And there he is!

"When you get shanked by the Asgardian Mussolini you can tell it your way."

What is the Rising Tide?

Ron Glass!

He can never know what?  My wife is afraid he might be a LMD....

"With great power comes...a ton of weird crap"

That IS a nice bus!

And there's Lola!

So Skye is "The Rising Tide?"


Love the drones checking out the lab!

Great truth drug!

But a hero doesn't kill....(not even Super- oh, wait)
So, this centipede device is messing with his moral compass?

I'm not liking this origin story.

Extremis. Huh. So they're coupling this with IRON MAN 3?  And Extremis is a reverse engineered Super Soldier serum? Tying all of the stories together. This could be very good or very bad.

"Don't ever tell me there's no way!"

"Nobody's nobody, Mr. Ward."

Great message. Its not what we have but what we do with it that matters. It matters who we are on the inside.

LOLA IS A FLYING CAR! "Lola can handle it!" You bet she can!

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