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Geeky Playlist

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In celebration of Geek Pride Day, tomorrow (May 25), I am loading up my mp3 player with my favorite geeky tunes. Below is the playlist (with some additional comments as I felt necessary).
A-Team Song Airship Pirate by Abney Park (Abney Park is a steampunk-themed band)Battlestar Galactica Theme (from the original 1979 series)Breathe by Abney Park Buck Rogers in the 25th Century by Neil NormanBuck Roger’s In The 25th Century ( this is the TV version of the theme)  Cup Of Brown Joy (Tea Bag Remix) by Professor Elemental (a british hip-hop song extolling the joy of tea)Dragnet 88 by The Art Of Noise  Existential Blues by “T-Bone”Tom Stankus (digs into philosophy and turns the Wizard of Oz on its head) Florin Dance by Mark Knopfler (this is from The Princess Bride Soundtrack –my #2 favorite movie)Green Hornet by Al Hirt Nerdy Girl by Nerdy Girl Istanbul (Not Constantinople) by They Might…