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First Quarter Resolution Update

Here we are, closing in on the end of the first quarter of 2013. It has been an interesting year so far, full of busy-ness that I hadn't expected.

However, I did have some expectations for what I wanted to accomplish by the end of this year, so I thought it might be a good time to review progress so far on my resolutions I made at the first of the year.

For review's sake, Here is the original post of my Goals and Resolutions.

1.  Lose at least 15 pounds. Not a good report here. Although I have been monitoring my weight weekly, I have not lost an appreciable weight.  Of course, I have not gained any appreciable weight either.  I'll take maintenance as a positive thing, and since the weather is warming up, I'll start walking my neighborhood soon.

2.  Read through the Bible in a Year. I can't say that I have been terribly consistent with this either, but I rather than beat myself up over the lack of consistency and then quit, I have found that with the Word on the Str…