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Agents of SHIELD premiere: The Day After

Note: lastnightIlivebloggedthepremiere. NowthatI'veslept on it, I'veputtogetheralittlemorecoherentreview. BeWarned - thereAREmildspoilers.Okay, so its a day later. I've read some initial responses to the premiere, ranging from "it was awesome," to "it was underwhelming.". I'm falling along the awesome side of the continuum, though not necessarily saying it was perfect. Strong, yes. Perfect, no.WhatIliked:
I loved the way the events of THE AVENGERS were tied in to the opening, establishing a world where superheroes and aliens are now revealed in full. I enjoyed the way Agent Coulson was shown to have somehow survived. Stepping out of the shadows and making a quip about a "bulb out" was perfect.The writing was fun, especially the dialogue. Joss Whedon has a golden ear for the spoken word.The message about character, responsibility and who you are trumping what you have gave me a lot to chew on.A cameo by Ron Glass and a "special guest&q…

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Premiere

Tonight, I'll be live-blogging the premiere!Nice cameos of the Avengers!A hero is a guy running into (or climbing up) a burning building when everyone else is running out...Special guest star Colbie Smulders No wonder this guy gets recruited by Level 7"We stand between the world and a much weirder world"And there he is!"When you get shanked by the Asgardian Mussolini you can tell it your way."What is the Rising Tide?Ron Glass!He can never know what?  My wife is afraid he might be a LMD...."With great power comes...a ton of weird crap"That IS a nice bus!And there's Lola!So Skye is "The Rising Tide?"Centipede?Love the drones checking out the lab!Great truth drug!But a hero doesn't kill....(not even Super- oh, wait)
So, this centipede device is messing with his moral compass?I'm not liking this origin story.Extremis. Huh. So they're coupling this with IRON MAN 3?  And Extremis is a reverse engineered Super Soldier serum? Tying a…

[Fandom Friday] Six-Gun Gorilla Reborn!

Oh, my.  I'm actually giddy with anticipation.  I just received word that a character that I'd considered nigh-legendary in the sub-sub-genre of speculative fiction, that of the Weird Western, has been rebooted.  I speak, of course, of none other than Six-Gun Gorilla.
Regular readers of the stuff I throw up on this virtual wall will recall that I have a short list of characters that I would love to see rebooted.  As of now, what I have written about are radio characters, like Chandu the Magician, Rocky Jordan and the lead characters from the Ghost Corps.  I never expected that Six-Gun Gorilla would get a reboot in the form of a comic, because, while I loved the idea, I thought he was such a niche figure that almost no one else would be interested in him.  In my mind, he would remain a lone pioneering figure, back when the idea of the Weird Western had not been fully articulated as it is now.
The plot is simple. An old west miner has a pet gorilla that he teaches to do things,…