[Fandom Friday] Six-Gun Gorilla Reborn!

Oh, my.  I'm actually giddy with anticipation.  I just received word that a character that I'd considered nigh-legendary in the sub-sub-genre of speculative fiction, that of the Weird Western, has been rebooted.  I speak, of course, of none other than Six-Gun Gorilla.

Regular readers of the stuff I throw up on this virtual wall will recall that I have a short list of characters that I would love to see rebooted.  As of now, what I have written about are radio characters, like Chandu the Magician, Rocky Jordan and the lead characters from the Ghost Corps.  I never expected that Six-Gun Gorilla would get a reboot in the form of a comic, because, while I loved the idea, I thought he was such a niche figure that almost no one else would be interested in him.  In my mind, he would remain a lone pioneering figure, back when the idea of the Weird Western had not been fully articulated as it is now.

The plot is simple. An old west miner has a pet gorilla that he teaches to do things, including shoot guns.  The miner is murdered by claim jumpers, and the gorilla embarks on a quest to avenge his friend's death.  Pretty much a standard Wild West story, except that the main character is an honest-to-goodness gorilla. 

Which brings me to today. I saw a notice about the comic, which apparently has been out for some time.  According to the companion blog site, issue #1 is available via email for the low, sweet price of $1.99.  I could not help myself. I had to order it.  

I will be reviewing this in an upcoming post.  Look for it under the heading of [Monday Reviews].

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