Goals and Resolutions

This is a list of the things I’d like to accomplish by the end of this Year of Our Lord, 2013:

1.  Lose at least 15 pounds.  In order to do that, I need to pay more attention to my diet and get off my rumpus and move (i.e., exercise);

2. Read through the Bible this year.  I will be using a reading plan and Rob Lacey’s edgy Word on the Street paraphrase. Yes, I know its cheating, sort of, but I gotta start somewhere, right?

3. Be more creative.  I like to write some, and I’m drawn toward fiction. I’d like to write some short stories for the Ranger Co. X setting that has been recently published by Asparagus Jumpsuit. I’ve also started what was known in the pulps as a ‘novellette’ featuring my favorite characters from three of my favorite Old Time Radio series, Rocky Jordan, Chandu, the Magician, and The Ghost Corps. I really want to finish this one this year as well.

Also, when I was back in high school and college, I used to kitbash models of spaceships and the like using a hodge-podge of model kits and other bits of plastic. I’ve sort of been itching to do that again.

4. Take the Princess Bride off on a dream vacation. Namely, we have been talking about going to Ireland. We just need to do it. This year.

5. Lastly, but even more importantly, pay better attention to my relationship with Jesus. I have allowed myself way too often to become distracted.  I plan to use Jonathan Edwards’ “Resolutions” as well as John Wesley’s questions for self-examination and William Booth’s Eleven Questions.

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