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I realize that I have been a little slack in my posting schedule recently. A lot of that has been due to my off screen life responsibilities. I have been doing a lot more travelling these past few months than I care to do for a while, and that has disrupted my writing.

Having said that, I am at the keyboard, alerting my loyal readers (all six of you), that there will be some further changes in my off screen life, which will most likely affect my writing as well, at least for a while.

The Princess Bride and I are being transferred to Harrisonburg VA, where we will assume the roles of front-line pastoral ministry.  For the past six years, we have worked for our denomination at an administrative level, but the powers that be have seen fit to return us to regular pastoral duties.

We are currently in the process of packing up home and offices, and will depart our current assignment on June 15.

I do covet your prayers, as this will be an interesting transition. I hope we remember how to do …