Accountability update

So I'm a little late in my quarterly review of the resolutions I made on New Year's 2013.  But I haven't given up, and again, I want to be accountable, so here we go.  For review's sake, Here is the original post of my Goals and Resolutions, and my first update.

1.  Lose at least 15 pounds. There is good news and bad news here. The bad news is that I didn't really begin walking like I said I would a few months ago, and as a result, I'm not nearer my 15 pound loss goal.  The good news is that I did begin this past week, and I have refined my reasons for pursuing fitness as a goal:

  1. In my everyday life, we move every 3-5 years. We are in year 4. I want to be stronger for the next time we move, and therefore better able to lift boxes without doing myself potential harm.
  2. We are planning an educational tour to the Holy Land in early 2014. I want to have stamina while on the tour so that I can enjoy what I'm learning.
  3. I want to look a little more like the guy my wife fell in love with 20-some-odd years ago

I've also done some things to improve my odds. To that end, I've been watching my diet and being more intentional about exercise, so I've started using apps like fitocracymyfitnesspal, and blogs like nerd fitness and geek fitness and the Jedi workout article on I started added strength training in addition to just getting slimmer.  I'm really, really sore but am determined to keep going.

2.  Read through the Bible in a Year. I'm still running a little behind in my reading through  Word on the Street   But I have been posting passages I found meaningful on Facebook and it is gratifying to see other people finding those passages helpful to them. So, with I'm even more motivated to keep going.

3.  Be More Creative. Still writing, but I need to be more intentional here as well.

4.  Our Dream Vacation. While the dream vacation is on hold, as I mentioned above, we are planning on traveling to the Holy Land on an educational tour. So, that will be fun.

5.  Be more intentional in my faith. Still thinking about the tripartite makeup of man, and will be writing more on that soon.  But as I mentioned in my Bible reading goal, I have been sharing more on Facebook those passages I've appreciated. I do have some other books I want to read that will help in this regard, so those will be going into a reading queue I'll be starting soon.

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