Surfacing....but just for a moment

Friends, I haven't forgotten you all here during my recent transition back to a pastoral ministry. Things have been a little hectic here, and I'm still not in a place where I can do lengthy, thoughtful posts.

So, in the meantime, let me just point you to some Max Headroom-related items of interest.

First off, I've been checking out some podcast episodes that discuss our favorite "computer generated" AI talking head.

At the top of my playlist (in reverse order of download) is the Retroist Podcast, episode 046. Great discussion of the series and some personal anecdotes that tie in the ABC TV series from 1987 to the pop culture phenomenon that Max was.

Next is Autopilot, season 2 episode 11. This is a podcast about old TV shows in general and their pilot episodes in general. Great discussion about the similarities and  differences between the BBC Telefilm "20 Minutes Into The Future" and the American TV series pilot episode "Blipverts."

Third is Greatest Movie Ever podcast Max Headroom episode. This one focuses more on the BBC Telefilm and only touches briefly on the US TV series.

The final one i'd like to mention is Sci-Fi Tech Talk podcast episode #000006 Max Headroom. The episode discusses how amazingly prescient the series was in its presentation of technology and media manipulation.

All are great retrospectives of just how awesome the Max Headroom TV series truly was.

Something else of interest, my good friend Steve Nibblelink of Alien Graphics has an incredible line of novelty identification badges, including a Network 23 press badge and a Metrocop ID badge. Follow then links in this post to his Pinterest page to see them, and place your order for your favorites and support a hard-working geek.

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