Characters I'd Like To See Rebooted: KC Smith of the Ghost Corps

While the previous entries in this series were specific characters in their own right, I am featuring a character that I am not totally in love with mostly because I like the series he's featured in and would love to see the series rebooted.

The Ghost Corps is a group of 'free-lance diplomatic' operatives (translation: spies) at work in the Orient in the years between the World Wars. The radio series focused on an agent, KC Smith and his aide, Mohammed Ali, who were stationed in Egypt (the series places them variously in Cairo and Alexandria). Smith is identified as an American who had also served for a time in the French Foreign Legion and was a master of disguise and languages. Ali is a stalwart friend who possesses skills as varied as swordsmanship and ventriloquism. Together, they made a formidable team.

I could see Smith and Ali interacting very easily with the other characters mentioned in this series of posts. In fact, as I've mentioned before, one of my projects is to write a pulp-style 'novelette' featuring Smith and Ali, Rocky Jordan and Chandu, the Magician in a single adventure.

But again, it is the Corps itself that fires my imagination. The Ghost Corps had only two 'seasons' of fifteen-minute episodes. The first has Smith and Ali preventing a jihad in Egypt, while another sends the pair to an area near Pakistan to solve a mystery of a prayer rug that might actually be a map to a fabulous treasure. The second season ended with the promise of a new adventure further East in story arc titled "The Ming Ruby." However, I'm not sure this arc exists.

Nonetheless, I wold love to see this series picked up and given justice by competent hands. Until then, it appears to be stuck in my inexpert grasp.

My original review can be found here

The series can be found at the Internet Archive

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